First Aid!

First Aid!

First Aid Kit: Here we answer frequently asked questions related to ProTraxx services.

We kindly request you to first check the following list of 20 common questions. Thank you! First, we cover general topics related to ProTraxx's services. From item 10 upwards, we cover the Lifetime-Licence and Upgrade 1-3. If you do not find the answers here, we will be happy to provide further information.

1. Do you also create commissioned compositions?

Yes, by request, we also produce complete single compositions, several single pieces for image films, soundtracks for feature films or games. Our ProTraxx can serve as stylistic templates, which of course will be worked out in detail in cooperation with the respective director/producer. Please Contact us!

2. Is every ProTraxx free of copyright levies?

A ProTraxx does not have to be registered with a copyright society (Gema, Suisa, Sacem, Ascap etc.). The copyright remains in any case with the author of the music, even if Upgrade 1 (exclusivity) was purchased. 

ATTENTION: In order to guarantee the prices for music without collecting society, however, there is a obligatory naming of ProTraxx in the project of 5 seconds: Music by PHONOG3N.

3. In which file format are ProTraxx delivered?

The free audio file with an audio watermark will be provided for download as MP3 in 0dBFS in 128Kbit/s and 44100 Hz. The purchased audio file is delivered as a WAV file in 0dBFS in 24bit and 44100 Hz.

4. Can ProTaxx be downloaded as a template without a login?

Yes, this is possible at any time without login. The ProTraxx is thereby provided with an audio watermark, which is removed upon purchase. This version can then be inserted into the project. After logging in, a ProTraxx can be purchased and a customer account created to manage the license(s). Upgrade 1-3 can also be purchased later in the customer account.

5. For which applications have ProTraxx been developed?

ProTraxx was primarily produced for image dubbing, which is why other applications are neither indicated nor prohibited in the Lifetime-Licence, such as video, feature films, documentaries, commercials, image films, or games.

6. Can a ProTraxx be reserved so that no one can snatch it away in the meantime when the customer's project is in the clarification or acceptance phase?

Yes, on request we accept reservations for up to 3 ProTraxx free of charge. Please contact us. There is a "Reserve" button in the audio player which indicates that contacting us is required. 

7. I have purchased a ProTraxx. Where can I find the download link?

The download link of the ProTraxx is sent by e-mail. Please check the SPAM folder! Alternatively, the ProTraxx can be downloaded again in the customer account (My licenses). The download is triggered in the audio player on the right. 

The sender address for e-mails is The purchased download is normally triggered within minutes. In case of problems, please contact us.

8. Why is there an additional fee included in the credit card statement?

We do not charge any additional fees and they do not come from us. There may be additional fees charged by the buyer's credit card company for foreign transactions. This is possible with some US banks and varies from 0% to 3%. For accounting purposes, this is treated as a bank fee.

9. Where can I declare my VAT number such as VAT ID?

We are a boutique company, which is why we are not required to charge VAT at this time. Our company is located in Switzerland, where this procedure is deemed legal by the tax authorities. As long as we do not register any VAT, it is not necessary to charge any, which is why we have neither provided a field for it in the store nor the user account.

10. I have received a message from YouTube saying that the ProTraxx I licensed from PHONOGEN belongs to a third party. How do I proceed?

First of all, we apologize! We ensure that the copyright of each ProTraxx is 100% cleared and 100% legal. Nothing unauthorized has happened. Unfortunately, incorrect or misinterpreted copyright claims are a known problem on YouTube. In this case, the easiest and most efficient way to disprove any claims is with the lifetime license invoice. The claim will then be dropped.

Please note that according to our General license and business conditions (GLC & GBC), it is not permitted to upload a ProTraxx anywhere, for example, to register the project in the ID system for YouTube content. Whoever does this nevertheless, violates our licensing terms and conditions. PHONOGEN always remains the sole owner of the ProTraxx. For questions, please contact us.

11. What does the Lifetime License cover?

Simple product films that are distributed for advertising purposes at trade fairs, on your website, or video portals and do not incur any ad switching costs. 

For projects for entertainment purposes such as feature films, documentaries, or games, the Lifetime License requires free distribution access in that these projects are freely accessible without revenue (monetization) or advertising funding (no Ad).

Examples: Film on own website, image film on Youtube, advertising film at trade fairs, free games app without advertising, unlimited free film download/DVD (without advertising financing), free accessible game & doc film without advertising financing or paywall (for example on YouTube, Netflix).

12. What does the Lifetime License not cover?

Not covered are product films for advertising purposes that are distributed with broadcast or switching costs (e.g. TV/cinema spots, instream ad spots, out-stream ad spots, or a spot that is placed upstream for free download of content or a spot within a physical data carrier or a spot within an entertainment system on an aircraft). Upgrade 2 can be used to extend the lifetime license in the online store. 

Not covered are movies for entertainment purposes that are ad-financed or distributed by paying an amount such as paywall or subscription and thus generate revenue. (Ex: Netflix, IPTV, TV/cinema, Youtube instream ad-financed, DVD rental/sale, download against advertising, ads in games, in-app sales). With Upgrade 3, the lifetime license can be extended bilaterally, which is equivalent to a buyout. Please contact us.  

13. Is the lifetime license really valid forever?

Yes, as long as the General license and business conditions (GLC & GBC) are met.

14. Are all ProTraxx first releases?

If a ProTraxx is marked "Exclusive", it is music that has never been used in sync with an image (first-time release).

15. Why is the price of the lifetime license so high?

These are all music tracks that have never been used before. Exclusivity has its price! In addition, no GEMA, SUISA, etc. need to be paid. However, the price is reduced to Euro 149.- after the first sale, so that less financially strong projects can profit from the services of ProTraxx! 

16. Can upgrade 1-3 be purchased later?

Yes, if it makes sense. For a ProTraxx marked with "Exclusive", it makes more sense to buy upgrade 1 immediately, if the exclusive status is important to you. Otherwise, you are free to upgrade later. This can be done at any time in the customer account (My licenses). 

17. How often can upgrade 1 (exclusivity) be extended?

Nach 2 Jahren sieht unsere AGB/Lizenz ein Ende. Dabei muss die Sinnhaftigkeit der Verlängerungen innerhalb dieser Zeit selbständig überprüft werden. Wir erstatten keine Rückzahlungen für getätigte Käufe die über diesen Zeitrum hinaus gehen. Verlängerungen können im Kundenkonto (Meine Lizenzen) durch erneutes Kaufen des Upgrade 1 getätigt werden.

18. Do I need to specify the country information for Upgrade 2?

When purchasing the license, we make a point in the project description that distribution areas (COUNTRIES) must be specified in addition to the more precise project details.

19. When do I have to select the "worldwide" option in Upgrade 2?

For projects for advertising purposes in entertainment systems like airplanes we presuppose the option, because the use is worldwide. For 5 countries or more, we recommend the worldwide option, because the price then exceeds the worldwide option ;-)

20. Is Upgrade 3 effectively a buyout?

Yes, we offer the possibility of a buyout outside of online sales through Upgrade 3, which is negotiated bilaterally. In this case, the terms and conditions/license of this online platform apply, which is why the ProTraxx basic license and the Upgrade 3 must additionally be purchased in the store. The Upgrade 3 is then indicated with 0.- Euro and the main amount of the Buyout will be calculated with regards to the contract and billed separately. Why is it like this? The basic license ensures a later archiving of the project for an unlimited time, whereas Upgrade 3 defines the commercial use of ProTraxx exactly. If you have any questions regarding your license for a particular project, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


No answer found? Please contact us!