Upgrade 3: Entertainment - legally valid only with separate buyout contract

Extend Bilateral (only valid with buyout contract)

Only select Upgrade 3 if a Buyout has been agreed and paid for in consultation with us. The written bilateral agreement is thereby legally finalised. Upgrade 3 is symbolically indicated with Euro 0.-

The distribution channels open for entertainment are e.g.:

  • (IP)TV&Cinema (financing through advertising, sponsoring etc.)
  • OTT-Streaming (paywall and instream ad revenues)
  • In-flight entertainment systeme (airlines, shipping)
  • Games/Consoles (paywall, sales, financing through advertising)
  • Download (paywall, financing through advertising)
  • Physical data carrier (sales, financing through advertising)

Upgrade 3 can only be negotiated bilaterally and requires the symbolic purchase to be linked to the General license and business conditions (GLC & GBC) here in the shop.